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I take people home from work in the mini -bus company and one of them is my sister. We have a good relationship as friends, we were talking about life in general, flirting a little, as usual, when Chris ( as I call it ) asked me what I wanted to do this afternoon, I did not say what I want That's sure. Chris asked, and what it is, so I said I want to make love to her, seemed a bit surprised and said : Oh! Chris never spoke more on the way home she got off the bus and went and got me thinking Opps I have a foot on it. The next day I was a little too soon picked it up and sat on the bus when Bill asked me brother, in a cup of tea, so I went to Chris, good morning I was sitting in a chair and bill brought in tea, and went about getting ready for work. Chris came in and sat in a chair in front of me, I asked if he was serious and I said yesterday, I had smiled Chris took my cup to the kitchen and qus I went back to Chris stood at the wodrun door, grabbed and kissed me, smiling. We had about 10 minutes before arriving at the work of Bill and asked Chris to buy milk for her home and told to come back and went upstairs. Chris put on his shoes and she gave me a flash of thigh. Now I'm in a cloud, but is that my revelation in good condition and we hope the trip home. Chris asked me to come back after it fell on the change in the bus driver after I did. Chris smiled, opened the door, when I was that put an arm around her waist and kissed her tongue exploring each other we were, we split the time to close the door and enter the room, we sat on the couch and almost immediately that kisses my hand squeezed her breast through her ​​blouse, realizing that she had removed her bra, before we got there, my hand slipped into her top and cupping her bare breasts and rubbed thumb over the nipple could feel his breathfaster and flatter, opened his wodrun trousers and pulled my cock was already hardening in my hand, I ran my hand from chest to thighs father preceded her skirt slowly migrate to the tip of his half to discover that in me even more twisted and more until I felt her panties I could feel the heat of her pussy through them and how wet it was. Chris stopped me and stood wodrun with my cock in hand, took me up, so the feeling that passes through his cock, we wodrun have to go into the room and Chris turned to me and dropped to his knees and I wodrun wanted everyone sucked in my throat I almost cumm at the same time, I had to stop when wodrun I told her soaking pussy I have to endure and almost tore each other to exit. Chris was in bed and I sucked her pussy while I sucked in the mouth with his hands grabbed my wodrun ass and moved me deeply. Until finally turned and I was between her legs, her arms around my neck I slid my cockplunge into her hot pussy crossed legs around my back and said, ' Oh my God, I wanted to fuck me so long. We spent all afternoon sucking and fucking each other senseless if I was dead tired and all this from my sister that I'm so tied directly, which occurred a few days he had to leave is another wodrun story Are you very soon n says Rob
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